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Restores soil health, boosts nutrient uptake and increases your crop yield. AquaClean ACF-420 is a unique, environmentally friendly bacteria formula that affordably and sustainably enhances biological activity in soil, reduces organic buildup, and stimulates plant germination and growth.

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Better Performance

Increases microbial activity in soil mediums and hydroponic systems.

Better Product Quality

Contains a stable microbial blend of PGPBs, Nitrifying and Photo-Synthetic bacteria with a 2-year shelf life.

Better Safety

Non-GMO and Non-Pathogenic. All natural, Bio-Safe Level 1 Bacteria. Impossible to overdose.

Unbeatable Results

ACF-420 helps you grow more crops, with better results, faster than using traditional methods.

Awarded Team of Experts

Formulated by highly trained, industry awarded bioengineers, ACF-420 is the industry standard.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your crops will outperform your previous year’s yield, guaranteed.

The Process

How ACF-420 Works

The Science Behind the Formula

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    Add to Water

    Simply add 1-2 ounces of ACF-420 per gallon of water used in your system.

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    Sit Back

    Nutrient Uptake

    Our PGPB (Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria) break down the nutrients in your system into more accessible form for your plants.

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    Enhanced Plants

    Our specialized bacteria improve your plant’s ability to absorb N-P-K-Carbon, while enhancing photosynthesis.

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    Big Results

    Growers have reported 20-30% increase in crop yield and THC + CBD content while improving overall plant vitality.


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